PriPriMarron - Kawaii写真Deco 2.0.5

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The Ultimate Photo-Decoration App!

★★★Many Thanks SALE for a limited time!!★★★
In celebration of surpassing 1-million downloads
with PriPri MARRON family Apps!

Introducing "pripri MARRON" - The Ultimate Photo-Decoration App!
The popular “pripri MARRON” kicks it up another notch!

User-friendly interface
Many sparkly, twinkling, and lovely designs

With simple and intuitive steps, anyone can quickly and effortlessly create unique
pictures that exist nowhere else in the whole world.


Pictures of your kids!
With your special someone!
Gather your friends!
Maybe even your pets?

Easily create an infinite variety of pictures with your 'personal touch'.
Experience the fun of decorating photos!

◎ Here’s what’s amazing about the new version!

★Compatible with Twitter★
We responded to the many requests for the compatibility with Twitter postings. Attach a comment with the decorated photos and you can easily post them up!
(※) Requires configurations beforehand to allow the use of Twitter and TwitPic.

★Massive Increase of Decoration Items★
In addition to the classic items, there are now word bubbles, convenient for inserting dialogue, as well as “easy-going” images for setting appealingly relaxing moods.

★Improved Usability★
The items are categorized, so you won’t get lost no matter how many items are added. Plus, it only takes two taps to switch between categories.
You’ll also enjoy improved performance without sacrificing ease-of-use, so you can now easily flip stamps, or simply tap on the screen to insert text.

* Introduction of Features

- easy-to-use interface specially developed for use with the smartphone
- 87 different high-quality frames
- 223 handy stamp images
- 64 patterns of rolling stamps

- handwriting pen (16 normal colors / 60 colors with borders)
- text entry (16 colors with shadow / 16 colors without shadow / vertical text direction / horizontal text direction)
- freely expand, shrink, move, and rotate original pictures
- can expand, shrink, move, and rotate word bubbles and writings anytime
- photo albums to save your works
- attach the finished masterpieces to an e-mail and send
- free to expand, shrink, and reposition the original photo as well as the designs
just the way you desire!
- function for posting on Twitter

* How to Use

1. Take a picture or select one from a photo gallery
2. Choose a frame

- On the frame selection screen, you may move, resize, and rotate the photo.

3. Choose stamps
You can move, resize, and rotate the stamps.

- You may edit the stamps that have been added to the photo by tapping and holding them.

4. Scribble with the handwriting pen
Select a size and color, and write whatever you'd like.
The writings can be repositioned, resized, and rotated.

- You may control the writings that have been added to the photo again by tapping and holding them.

5. Choose a rolling stamp.
After selecting a pattern, glide your finger over the photo.
The pattern will follow your finger accordingly.
Once you get the hang of it, the rolling stamp will be very effective!

- You may edit the rolling stamps that have been added to the photo by tapping and holding them.

6. The finished pictures can be saved and also e-mailed to PC's and cell photos.

this software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group
this software includes the work that is distributed in the Apache License 2.0

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